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Rock Balancing
Affordable fees for private clients 

In conjunction with General Practitioners, Angie's Place provides counselling and services under the Better Access Program, where medicare rebates apply for targeted psychological support. 

Clinical Supervision

For clients who do not meet the requirements for our other services, Angie's Place offers affordable rates. Access to private health insurance is also available.

Access EAP 

Angie's Place offers EAP - an employee assistance service that is offered through some small to medium sized businesses. 

Better access 

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Psychological Support Services 

Angie’s Place is a Psychological Support Service supporting those clients with mental health worries. Angie’s Place has Support Services scheme available through the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN.

Rustic Beach Path

Angie's Place is a registered NDIS provider. We help clients reach an optimum state of personal, emotional and social well-being through counselling and a large range of psychological therapies. 

Angie's Place provides counselling support for Veterans with a gold or white card under the Department of Veterans' Affairs Mental Health Support Scheme.

Support for Victims of Crime

Angie's Place is accredited to provide counselling to victims of crime in NSW through the NSW Justice approved counselling service.

Angie's Place provides counselling and assessment services under Workers Compensation approved by the SIRA.

Work and development orders

Clinical Supervision is a formal process of professional support, reflection and learning that contributes to individual development. Angie's Place provides Clinical Supervision and debriefing to; Social Workers, Case Workers, Psychologists, Youth Workers, Emergency Workers, and allied Health Care Workers. 

Support for Veterans 
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